CorePilot is an enterprise call center solution which provides intelligent skills-based call routing, real time proactive notification of abandoned calls, call queuing statistics and real time display of the waiting queues activity on agents' desktops.

CorePilot server routes calls to appropriate agents based on the following options :

  • Sequential routing: route call to the first available agent.
  • Load balancing routing: by the intelligent measurement of workload distribution amongst agents, calls are routed to the less productive agents;
  • Skill based routing: route calls to agents with the required skill based on the caller ID (by language, country, category, etc.);
  • VIP routing: caller  recognised as VIPs (by Core bridge’s Meta-Directory)  is routed to an available VIP agent.
  • Last agent call routing: route call to the agent who manages the caller account (or to the last agent who has spoken to the caller).

Integration with call center solutions Cisco, Avaya, AVM, ...

Corepilot provides also an intelligent monitor tool for Cisco, Avaya and AVM ACD call-waiting queues, which can vastly improve the quality of customer service. Its business-enhancing functions include:

  • Abandoned call notification: when a customer abandons call while waiting in a call queue, notification e-mail will be sent to pre-defined agent (or administrator) with the caller’s detailed information. The agent is therefore notified of the missed call and can call back the customer.
  • Queues call log control: CorePilot server logs, in real time, all information concerning missed and routed calls (with details such as ringing duration, waiting duration, etc)
  •  Queue pop-up: when CorePilot server detects the presence of a call in a waiting queue; an alert message (pop-up) is automatically displayed on the agents workstations. The agents are then able to check the information related to waiting calls and prioritize response based on customers IDs (example: VIP calls).
  •  Control of agent states: agent different states are controlled by CorePilot client application such as logon, logoff, ready, busy, wrap-up; in addition, association of the ACD predefined reasons with “Busy” and “Logoff” states. Agent activities are integrated in Corebridge CoreTeam and CoreTraffic statistic modules.