By integrating voice and data, Corebridge solution allows clients to streamline business processes, enhance staff productivity, improve customer satisfaction and capture new business opportunities whilst also reducing costs.

Corebridge solution is based on five principal keys:

Hardware IndependentDeploying pure software solutions mitigates the need for major PBX upgrades or replacements and new IPBX- Easy migration path from legacy PBX's to VoIP
- Features common to all phone systems
- Add value to existing systems
Software IndependentTo date Corebridge's rate of success for integrating third-party software in enterprise business communications has been 100%, including bespoke applications.- Add value to existing software
- Link diparate database into one unified view
Non-intrusiveDoes not affect other systems (phones and apps work independently)- No risk
- No need to re-engineer business processes
Rapid DeploymentEasy to implement (2-15 days)Quickly improve productivity
Visible reduction in costs- Reduce the cost of outgoing calls
- Remote call initiation
- Reduce roaming costs
Rapid Return on Investment